Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the perfect blog title

I sat around brain storming with my BFF and hubby about what my perfect blog title would be. Then it hit me, 'Negative Equals Positive.' Weight loss is the only time in life when being negative (i.e. the number you're down on the scale) means a positive thing. I'm excited about weight loss, food, exercise, and getting myself in shape physically and emotionally. I hope that somehow through this blog, I can keep myself motivated, and also motivate others out there who are aspiring to reach their goals, however giant or tiny they may be. My husband Matt is going to be a co-author here as well. We're in this together, a team, a dynamic duo! Right now we're in the third week of making changes for the better, Matt has lost 5 pounds, and I have lost 13. Goals and rewards we have will be coming in another post. We've recently joined 24 hour fitness (PROUD sponsor of the Biggest Loser. Yes, we're biggest loser nerds. So while you're at it, vote for Amanda to keep her from elimination, - by 3PM eastern today: and we love it there! I've been taking a lot of zumba classes that they offer, and I think everyone else should too. As those who Zumba say, 'Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!' - Check out information about Zumba near you @ One other thing, I just purchased my very first iPod!!! Its going to help me get closer to our eventual goal of running a 5K. More information about the Couch to 5K program to follow in future posts. Here's a picture of my little jewel I got yesterday!

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