Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2010 challenge

Last year, I participated in my office's version of 'Biggest Loser,' and lost the highest percentage of body fat, and won the grand prize! I beat out about 10 other people, and took home the jack pot cash prize of over $300. That was really exciting, and frankly the best thing about working for that company. I would absolutely love to try out for the next season of the Biggest Loser show, hang with Bob and Jill, and maybe even cook a meal with the Take Home Chef cutie patudi, Curtis Stone. Sadly, my circumstances don't allow for that (although it is my dream to someday go see the live finale show in LA). When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? So, I was excited to see my best friend post this:

ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! My company is doing a 2010 Biggest Loser Competition! ANYONE can play! It is played with Partners but you can play Individually if you don't have a Partner. 8 Teams played last year - 1st place winner one $640 and 2nd place won $160! Please let me know if you are even SLIGHTLY interested and I'll answer any and all questions!! :D

That's right, its my new challenge for 2010! You have to find things to keep you motivated and interested in losing weight. This competition lasts about three months, and starts Jan 4th. I've also learned that my brother will be participating in this challenge as well! Its so awesome to have support from both your friends and your family, so I'm looking forward to the friendly competition in this challenge with him. Also, after the three months are up, we're going to continue the challenge between him and me throughout the duration of 2010. The winner between the two of us will get an assuredly awesome, but not yet determined prize. Stay tuned!


  1. thanks girl! i'm very excited, my mom had decided to do the challenge too!!!