Tuesday, December 8, 2009

feelin' the funk

Remember when you were in school? You had a favorite class, right? My favorite class was English. Anything related to English (i.e. journalism, yearbook, etc). There were a few other classes that I really enjoyed, and that was strictly because of the teacher (props to Ms. Kovar, hollah!). Sometimes, teachers can make or break the subject that you're trying to learn about. For me, I'm finding that the same principle applies to my Zumba fitness classes.

We joined 24 Hour Fitness a few weeks ago. If only my High School PE teacher could see me now. I'd yell BOO-YAH directly in her face if given the opportunity. I love my gym. I love the convenience, the hours, the equipment, and the free group classes. My favorite class is Zumba, though I'm struggling, trying to find my favorite teacher to really make the class pop! The gym closest to my house offers Zumba on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - which is ideal. However, the teacher is a little Nazi (ok, maybe I'm a little too dramatic, but you catch my drift) and non informative, she doesn't wear a headset to instruct the class on how to move. There's another gym I've been going to on Monday nights where I meet up with some friends. The gym is a good distance from our house, and there's always other mutual friends that I don't really know, and sometimes I feel like I don't quite fit in. Plus, the regular instructor just left on maternity leave. That leaves us wondering each week who is going to teach the class, if they're going to show up, and if we'll actually be learning Zumba! Last night there was a hip-hop teacher substitute, who - in my opinion, focused more on choreography than getting our hearts pumped. I'm left feeling a little bummed on this Tuesday morning. Hopefully I can get out of this funk and get into my classes again.

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