Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Buttermilk Pecan Chicken

What I thought would turn out to be a horrid day, turned out awfully good! I made my return back to work. For some silly reason, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to bring muffins for my co-workers. Sure it was a nice gesture, but what was I trying to do? Commit diet suicide? There were 24 assorted flavors of over sized muffins staring at me from the conference room, with their yummy aroma in the air all morning. Oy vey! However I am proud to say that I didn't partake of any muffins. It was a banana and granola bar, FTW! I'm working part time now, so I'm free to do what I'd like in the afternoons. Today, my sister and I decided to enjoy the weather, and take a stroll outside with the baby.

Apparently a lot of other people had that idea too. I was particularly impressed with one elderly fellah. Here I am, 25 years old, getting tired from WALKING. But this guy was up in age, and was walking with the assistance of two forearm crutches, struggling with each step. If I didn't think he would think I was stalking him, I would have taken a picture to show you the true inspiration that he was. He helped motivate me to do another lap, so 1.5 miles accomplished today. Hoo-rah!

Next: dinner. Buttermilk pecan chicken. This recipe is a keeper, and its SUPER easy, and CRAZY delicious. All you do is lightly pound 4 chicken breast between some plastic wrap, and then marinate in a cup of buttermilk in the fridge for an hour. Then, a cup of panko bread crumbs & a cup of toasted pecans get chopped in the food processor. Then take the chicken out, coat with pecan mix, bake for 30 minutes @375. Enjoy!

So tomorrow is Tilapia Thursday. Here's a snippet of my conversation with my husband this evening:

Jessie: I'm scared of the tilapia. I don't like seafood unless its battered and deep fried.
Matt: It's a replacement. Like Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth. Obviously it's not the same thing, its a replacement.

Well, honestly I miss you and your hush puppies Captain D's! But I'm going to turn a new leaf tomorrow and see if I can create some healthy seafood that I actually like.


  1. Your pecan chicken recipe sounds like to die for. Yummy! And don't be afraid of the tilapia. It's the mildest fish that you can eat. So good. I just usually put a little bit of Olive oil (good for your heart)and salt and pepper the fish and fry in the pan. No breading, no cornmeal and no flour. It's delicious with a bit of tartar sauce on them.
    It was a beautiful day today and I walked a half of a mile around the track. I'm trying really hard to walk every single day. John is trying too.
    Love your blog and the best of wishes for a healthy life and body.
    Yo Mama :)

  2. I meant to say....put a little bit of olive in the pan, salt and pepper fish and then fry :)

    Love you and G'nite

  3. Way to go on not eating the muffins not sure I could have done it...yay on the self control girl. Sounds like your getting a good start on being healthy again. My biggest goal this week is portion control...I usually end up scarfing my food down due to having to fight the kids for time to eat so i'm trying to eat slower this week and take time to enjoy my first portion of food instead of feeling like I need to go back for seconds because I don't even recall eating my first serving. I'm hoping that focusing on portion control, eating slower and exersize this week i'll have some good results. I hope we both are happy with our results by the end of this week :)